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We provide Safe and effective personal training programs for citizens 50+ throughout Los angeles, Santa Monica, South Bay, Marina Del Rey and Beyond.

Los Angeles Personal Training for the Elderly


According to USA Today, “Nearly 8 in 10 seniors are living with at least one chronic health condition. About 25% of older Americans are obese; 20% have been diagnosed with diabetes and more than 70% have heart disease.” The good news is, exercise can help reduced the chances of you being one of these statistics. We provide in-home personal training for seniors throughout the LA area. Our trainers are certified, insured and use the latest science-backed training practices to help you reduce the affects of deteriorating health as you age.

What is Personal Training for Seniors?

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Personal Training for Seniors is safe and effective training that helps the elderly stay pain free and mobile as they age. As a senior citizen, working with a personal trainer can seem intimidating, however with the proper training program, it’s possibly one of the best things that you could do for your body. Building mobility and strength can prevent bone loss, arthritis, broken bones, improve balance, reduce the chances of back pain, hip and knee replacements. It is also extremely healthy for the heart and helps boost your mood and energy levels.

Sykora fitness specializes in providing a personal trainer for seniors throughout Los Angeles. Our customized training programs start off at the appropriate pace based on your needs and goals, and slowly progress. Initially, we focus on enhancing your mobility so that you move well and pain free. Once we have optimized mobility, we will begin body weight strength training and functional exercises. Eventually you’ll find yourself feeling stronger, more mobile and filled with more energy to go throughout your day.


Jessica Sykora

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PES

About your Personal Trainer for Seniors

My name is Jessica Sykora and I am the owner and fitness expert of Sykora fitness. I specialize in personal training programs that are safe and effective for seniors over the age of 50. I have nearly 10 years of experience working as a personal trainer, and have worked with seniors for over 6 years. I provide corrective strength training for elderly individuals at all levels. So whether you are new to fitness, ready to enhance your fitness levels, or if you are just looking to stay pain free and mobile as you age, contact me today!

Benefits of Personal Training for Seniors

  • Reduces back, hip and knee pain- Strength training as a senior can help build pain free mobility throughout your body. If you suffer from aches and pains, stretching, strengthening and soft tissue work can help ease the symptoms.

  • Improve balance and mobility- Strength training as a senior citizen can help you become more mobile and strong, and minimize your chances of falling and injuring yourself during day to day routines.

  • Improve cardiovascular health- Strength training can help keep your heart healthy. It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Increase bone density- Resistance training can increase overall bone health and help prevent osteoporosis that may cause hip and knee replacements.

  • Enhances mood- Exercise helps stipulate endorphins in the body, which are known to enhance your mood. In fact, studies show that not only does exercise reduce your likelihood of depression, but it can also help with long-term mental illness.

  • Prevent disease- Exercising regularly can help improve your overall immune system. Studies have also shown that exercise can help prevent the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Are you a senior citizen looking for convenience and personal training in one?

We provide in-home personal training for seniors throughout LA, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Manhattan Beach and the entire South Bay.

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