In-Home and Private Training

Jessica services In-Home and Private Training all over the South Bay.  If you are looking for a Trainer who comes conveniently to the privacy of your own home or apartment gym, this may be a great option for you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, improve your posture, or stay active through a pregnancy, Jessica is equipped with lots of training gear to help you make the most out of your in-home and gym workouts.  She provides yoga mats, kettlebells, TRX suspension device, dumbbells, cooks bands, VIPR's, Perform Better Bands, and much more.  This convenient service is available to anyone with an apartment or in-home gym, spacious living room or a big backyard.  Beach and park training is also available.  The typical frequency is 2-3 times per week for personal training, which is coupled with a complete plan for the off-days, usually 1-2 extra days of work to be completed on your own.  

 Click for gym location information: Manhattan Beach Gym and Redondo Beach Gym.


 In-Home Personal Trainer throughout the South Bay

Pre/Post Natal Training

Pre/Post-Natal Personal Training is a safe and effective workout regimen customized for women who are pre-natal, pregnant or postpartum.  Creating a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise is a perfect way for women to have a healthy pregnancy, easier delivery and return to their normal lifestyle postpartum.  There are a lot of myths about training while pregnant, like don't lift weights, don't work the abs or you will get diastasis recti, don't get your heart rate up too high, and much more.  The truth is, everyone woman is different based on her experience, past workout history and lifestyle.  Yes, there are things that should be avoided to prevent harm for you and your baby, but most of it is based on the woman's history. As your body makes changes through your pregnancy, so will your program, but the ultimate goal is to keep you healthy, energetic and pain-free throughout the course of your pregnancy.  This type of training is different for all women, click the link below for more information of what the individual phases are. 

 Prenatal and Post Natal Personal Trainer throughout the South Bay, including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes.

Corrective and Postural Exercise Specialist

If you are looking to improve your posture or to reverse the symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle, this type of exercise is for you.  It is actually a pre-requisite to all training programs that Jessica provides.  This type of exercise is intended to correct movement dysfunctions like asymmetries, postural imbalances and muscles imbalances. These dysfunctions can often lead to pain or injury, so it is important to address them. The goal is to regain full range of motion in all joints so that the intended muscles for a particular movement take over as prime movers assisting with the correct synergist.  This is done with a combination of mobility work by stretching and strengthening overactive and weak muscle groups. This helps your body adapt to the correct patterns of a movement, and eventually over time will adapt to the proper muscle memory, so that your body moves how it's naturally supposed to.

To assess your movement patterns, I analyze your overhead squat, hip mobility, shoulder mobility, gait, hamstring flexibility, upper and lower body strength, core stability and hip hinge.  I test for signs of limited range of motion, overcompensation or pain.  Then based on the results, I implement corrective exercises for each imbalance. Within a couple weeks you should start feeling and seeing the difference in your mobility and posture.  You will feel stronger, more aligned and aware of your muscles.

 Personal Trainer in the South Bay

Woman on Weights- Toning Up

Explore the benefits of weight training as a woman.  This type of training helps women build lean muscle mass and gain strength, while enhancing their curves without bulking up.  Scientific evidence shows that the more lean muscle you carry on your body, the more calories you will burn throughout your day thus reducing body fat.  Weight training also helps improve posture, bone density, enhances mood, reduces back pain and risk to injury.  

My Woman on Weights program will help you achieve that strong, lean and feminine body type by optimizing your mobility and building strength through total body functional exercises.  You will feel strong, confident and sexy.

The typical training frequency for this program is 3 days per week.  

 Strength Training Personal Trainer in the South Bay.

Weight Loss Specialist

Carrying extra weight on your body can be frustrating and uncomfortable.  If you have 10-50 lbs to lose and would like to commit to an exercise program that will get you results, Jessica can lead you on the right path to success.  If you are a beginner or have been out of exercise for a while, it is important to start on a training regimen that is simple, low impact and will give you a fresh and encouraging start on your quest to lose weight.  Building a baseline of pain-free mobility and functional strength is the initial goal, then we can progress to more moderate intensity strength and cardiovascular exercises, and once the pounds start shredding off, we can gear the workouts to higher intensity, circuit style training.  High-intensity circuit training is scientifically proven to increase your metabolism so that you post oxygen consumption is elevated for the rest of the day thus helping you burn more calories while at rest.

 Weight loss Personal Trainer in the South Bay

Kettlebell Specialist

A kettlebell is a cast iron bowling-ball shaped weight with a handle, that can be used for strength training and ballistic movements.  Kettlebells come in all different shapes and sizes and are very versatile.  If you have great mobility and want to spice up your routine, kettlebell training can be a fun way to integrate unique, whole body, dynamic movements into your regimin.  Jessica will teach you strength training and dynamic movements with a kettlebell, like cleans, swings, squats and snatches.  This is a great way to build your total body strength and power.  Other benefits of kettlebell training include better posture, coordination, and injury prevention.

If you are interested in kettlebell training as a beginner, Jessica will teach you basic strength movements and progress you to more of the dynamic movements once you are ready, this way we prevent injury and over training.

 Kettlebell Personal Trainer in the South Bay.

More Information

  • Sessions are 60 minutes long
  • Pricing available upon request
  • South Bay Gym rental space available upon request
  • Typical frequency is 2-3 times per week
  • Certified and Fully Insured
  • Gym Equiptment provided for in-home sessions
  • Group training available

About Jessica

 Jessica Sykora is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Pre/Post-Natal Training.   Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, she attended Arizona State University where she studied Communications and Economics.  Upon graduation,  she discovered her passion to be in the fitness industry, so she began working as a Personal Trainer.  After years of successfully training in corporate gyms, she decided to branch off on my own.  

Every day I look forward to building relationships with my clients and motivating them through fitness.  
— Jessica Sykora


I travel throughout the entire South Bay providing Personal Training services in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, El Segundo and Torrance. I take pride in creating individualized personal training programs tailored towards every person's unique needs and goals.

When I am not training, I enjoy painting, playing the piano, snowboarding and playing beach volleyball.  I compete on the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.