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 Carrying extra weight on your body can be frustrating and uncomfortable.  If you have 10-70 lbs to lose and would like to commit to an exercise program that will get you results, we can lead you on the right path to success.  If you are a beginner or have been out of exercise for a while, it is important to start on a training regimen that is simple, low impact and will give you a fresh and encouraging start on your quest to lose weight.  Building a baseline of pain-free mobility and functional strength is the initial goal, then we can progress to more moderate intensity strength and cardiovascular exercises, and once the pounds start shredding off, we can gear the workouts to higher intensity, circuit style training.  High-intensity circuit training is scientifically proven to increase your metabolism so that you post oxygen consumption is elevated for the rest of the day thus helping you burn more calories while at rest.


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Jessica Sykora

Nasm Certified Personal Trainer and Prenatal Certified Personal Trainer