Fitness Program

My pre/postnatal online fitness and nutrition program is now live! This program takes you through all your pregnancy and post pregnancy fitness and nutrition needs.  My prenatal fitness plan specializes your workouts based on trimester. We focus on exercises that help you prepare for labor, stay within the healthy weight gain, limit aches and pains, and give you energy throughout your day! It also has a complete nutrition plan for pregnancy, including the proper calories and nutrients needed to provide for you and your baby. The postnatal plan has a breastfeeding nutrition program that gives you the most nutritious meals to help create nutrient dense and satiating breast milk for your baby.  This is paired with the postnatal fitness program which focuses on exercises that help repair your abs, glutes and pelvic floor, while toning your entire body. Once you’re done breastfeeding and ready to get your body back, you’ll switch to my postnatal nutrition plan. This may put you at a calorie deficit depending on your needs and goals. Pair this with my postnatal fitness program, and you get into the best shape!

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