Customized Training Programs

Jessica provides custom training programs for those who are motived to spice up their routine.  This is a great way for you to feel what it's like to have a personal trainer without actually having them physically there through your workouts.  The program starts with an initial 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your goals, needs, workout history, injuries, nutrition and any other pertinent information.  The phone consultation is followed by a 1 hour Skype or in-person training session, where she will assess your movements and coach you through exercises that will be in the program that she provides.  After the training session, she will provide you with a 6 week program that consists of 5-6 customized workouts per week, based on what you need for your goals.  Along with the exercise program, she provides a 6 week customized nutrition plan for you to follow.  Invest in your health and sign up today!

6 Week Customized Training Program

30 Minute Initial Phone Consultation

One 1 Hour Skype Personal Training Session

6 Week Specialized Training Program

6 Week Personalized Nutrition Plan

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